Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Making a habit

At this point, even tho I feel like a pretender to the throne with this blog thing, I am trying to get in the habit of writing often. The blogs I like to read post often and I know I get kinda grumpy after a few days with no new posts, so I'll be trying to practice what I preach.

I finished the felted bag, including the felting. I knew that the LionBrand Landscapes didn't felt that much, but I still massively overestimated how big the thing should be. The strap alone now looks the length of a football field. But it's usable and that's what counts, right? Not the fact that it looks like a sack a 12 year old boy would use to carry newspapers in. Slung across the chest and everything.

I bought the fabric for the lining, but I haven't done that step before and it's kind of freaking me out (sewing is not a strong suit). But since I did buy what appears to be 3 times the amount of fabric I need (the massive overestimation did not end with the yarn), I guess I have a couple trys to make it work.

I also finished the Punk Rock Crochet Wrist Warmers from Midnight Knitter. And since I haven't figured out how to link yet, y'all are just out of luck. They are olive green with bobbles on the hand part and they inspired me to start a matching hat with bobbles as well (since I had all this extra you see a trend?).

Maybe this weekend I'll get off my behind and start looking for the proper electronics, so as to do this thing right.


Becky said...

Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it. I over estimated on a sock once and it could have fit king kong. It just didn't look that big while I was knitting it! Great job on the blogging!

illanna said...

Alison takes her purses to a tailor and the tailor lines it. If you already have the fabric, maybe you could take it in to the place she goes, next to kidstown. I think she said it's 12 bucks or something, and it looks really professional (duh because it is).
E-mail me if you want me to bring my camera on Friday, and then you can bring your stuff and take pics for your blog. See you soon!!!