Saturday, November 27, 2004

WooHoo! Now I need a nap

The Qwest guy has come and gone, leaving me with a little modem-y type thingy and a dog who has made yet another new best friend. But since I was up late-due to the SnB at Jessica'a and subsequent FO quest and up early-since the Qwest guy could have conceivably been here at 7 am but didn't actually get here 'til noon-ish, I now need a nap. And then I need to go get Dark Tower #7 because I am about 20 pages away from finishing #6 and #5 is still fresh in my brain since I finished it yesterday. Maybe I'll dedicated the rest of today and Sunday to reading #7, then I can start something else...maybe even something not written by Stephen King.

Next project - pictures!

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