Wednesday, December 08, 2004

At least I won

Met up with Melanie and Alison last night to have a few hours of crochet and hot chocolate. As Alison so eloquently noted on her blog, I was having some trouble with my projects (I wouldn't go so far as to say wrestling, nor would I describe myself as "a grown woman", as I am often immature. Such as when I am cursing at yarn and expecting it to then behave itself.)

In truth, it was not so much the project as the yarn that was giving me fits. I want to make my boss a scarf of some red mohair and some thin black rayon. However the rayon was in skein formation and turned into one big knot as soon as I tried to ball it. When I gave up on that, the yarn for the next scarf (it's a very scarfy christmas) was both a pain in the butt to stitch and to frog. It's got these bobble thingys on the yarn strand and they often refuse to go thru the loop correctly. And my patience was at a minimal level last night for such shenanigans.

Tonight I think I'm going to start the socks for Mom. I really need to get some family stuff done...I can't just leave it all to do on the plane as it's only a 5 hour flight. Tho I could continue in the car on the way from DC to Millersville...

Party tomorrow night. I got my food contribution tonight and just need to wrap up my grab bag gift and I'm ready to go. I really got the impression that people were having difficulty figuring out a $10 knitted project to give to a fellow knitter ( a non-knitter would obviously get, all together now, a scarf). But apparently everyone is more creative then I am, cause lots of you are making things. And I'm not, I chose to go the accessory route. But I did chose things I would like to get but wouldn't spend money on, as they are practical but not necessary.

Off to sock.

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