Thursday, January 20, 2005

One down, One to go (almost)

We had a really good meeting last night. Some of the old standbys weren't there but some nice new people were. And some kiddos too, learning away.

Mr Monkey made his public debut, albeit naked, wearing only boots, an earring and a smile. Melanie coined the phrase Chimp-endale to describe the look.

My sister's fingerless glove/mittens have been converted to just mittens. As I mentioned before, the pattern is obviously on crack and after adding 8 rows to make the thumb land where I think an actual thumb would be, I scraped the pattern and am winging the rest. And actually writing it down, because I have to make 2 of them. That match. I got up to the first knuckle on one and have the cuff plus done on the other. When I am making something in duplicate (slippers, wrist warmers, etc.) I like to do a few rows on one, then repeat the process on the other. This allows me to make those happy little changes in the pattern (the ones that I always seem to make) symmetrical.

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Creative Genius? said...

"Some of the old standbys weren't there".....Hey - who you calling old??? :-)