Monday, February 14, 2005


Most of the back done on the SWTC tester.

Finished book.
8. Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides
Better then I thought it would be. He actually got the genetics right, which usually doesn't happen in novels.

I'm guessing many of you saw Debbie Stoller's announcement about her next book...about crochet! I knew if I held out, the knitting world would come around to my way of thinking I am planning on submitting something, but as of yet have no great ideas. Suggestions are welcome, especially from Becky since she's been there. It's going to have to be made out of something in my stash, since I still have no disposable income, or any income really.

And Kirsten, I have never worked with lace, but it sounds interesting. I'd be happy to trade you for the magazine. Just let me know.

And today is an international holiday. All around the world, people are sharing VD with the ones they love. If you have no one special to share your VD with, please join us at Coffee Rush tonight at 6:30. Married, paired off, single, asexual, one and all are welcome. Join in the VD fun.

Tomorrow, International Penicillin Day.

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Kirsten said...

Ummm, VD......brings a whole new meaning to the day ....LOL!!!! Thanks for the laugh! If you are going to Mama Java's on Wednesday - I'll bring the magazine then - no need to trade.