Friday, June 24, 2005

Credit Card Crap

I got a letter in the mail today from DSW Shoe Warehouse.  It seems that they've had a whole crap-load of credit and debit card numbers stolen. 
And DSW can only notify you if you're in the reward club and they have you address from that.
So if you've used a card to shop at DSW (ever) you might want to contact your card issuer to make sure everything is kosher.  My bank is getting me a free credit report to look for issues. 
I'm trying to remember when I bought shoes there.  I know it was one time, and I think it was back when I had a real job - so in 2004 sometime.  Why is DSW even keeping card numbers on file that long?
I've been lucky, this is the first problem I've had with potential identity theft and it's a minor one compared to the horror stories I've heard.


Jennifa said...

UGH! I just bought from them LAST MONTH. I'm glad I didn't use my card though. I just had problems because Interweave Press lost a bunch of card info in the last month due to a security hack of their system. I didn't need a second potential worry :)

Kate said...

I had it happen too and with my credit union Visa check card! My bank (Desert Schools) was great and reissued me a card on the spot.