Monday, June 27, 2005

Tofu: Take Two

So I went to SWTC to get some more yarn (soy silk aka tofu) for the sweater that will not end. Apparently, the color is technically Red so Kiki was actually correct and I was mistaken in my belief that it is burgundy.

Anyway, the Red Oasis I had was an old dye lot. A REALLY old dye lot. So old that there was no conceivable way to find any matching yarn.

The solution: 6 balls of Perfect Pink.

Yeah, I'm starting over. At least at this point I have the first half of the pattern memorized and I may go up a hook size and pink is much more summery than burgundy (ok, red). It should be a good plane project, at least for the trip out. Hopefully it will be too big to be convenient for the trip back.

Can you tell I have a bit of a stubborn streak? Mixed with a nice sense of denial. I'm currently convincing myself that this is a good combination of traits. And l will convince myself, dammit, even if it takes a lifetime.

Bug report - no new sightings. I fear it may have escaped into the closet of doom. I'm counting on it getting lost in all the crap that's stored in there and starving to death. And I can't go looking for it because I have a desk in front of the doors (placed before the bug incident, not to trap said bug in the closet. It was a big bug but not big enough for furniture barricades to be effective against it. That only works on zombies and larger.). Again with the denial. In reality, this critter's going to pop out and grab me when I least expect it and cause shrill shrieking and the throwing of random objects. While standing on the counter.

I hate the monsoons (or the pseudo-monsoons or the whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it dust storm we had last week), they always blow the bugs into the house. Or force them to find shelter from the dust. Or something. Take-home message: Monsoons = more bugs in the house. Ew.


illanna said...

I would become permanantly insane if I had to start a test knit COMPLETELY over. Man... that stinks. Jonelle better pay you with 1000 balls of yarn. Actually she should give you the whole warehouse ;) Then we could have knitting parties there every weekend, and we could bring wine!

noricum said...

I'm pretty sure you need rain for it to qualify as a monsoon. ;)

Good luck with the bug. Maybe you could poke a roach trap under the closet doors?

Eva said...

I hope that, at the very least, you get to keep the red Oasis!

Oh, and you have now jinxed me. There is some nasty, hard bug trying to get into my house. It's attracted to the light and it keeps banging on the computer room window. YUCK!

Sarah said...

We have so many roaches trying to get in at the moment it is crazy!

However, it keeps my bug loving son busy picking them up and flushing them!

I hope the new tofu sweater goes faster than the red one!

Bethany said...

Is that why I've been getting so many bugs and ick in my house?!? I thought maybe they were just hot and liked the air. Hey, wait a minute, don't they LIVE in dirt? Stupid gross bugs!