Wednesday, July 20, 2005

And the Number One Reason to Always be Polite on Your Blog...

If you look at the post directly below this one, you'll see a comment by Siva. "So what?" you're probably saying. Go read the post a bit closer, I'll wait.

Siva is Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of The Anarchist in the Library.

The author of the book read my off-the-cuff, top-of-my-head (thankfully brief) review.

To try and put that in knitting perspective. Imagine you had a blog about fishing when you occasionally (very occasionally) wrote about yarn activity. And then imagine the Yarn Harlot finding your fishing blog and commenting. Yeah, it's like that. Only with yarn for fish and books for yarn.

So to foster more author-friendly blog traffic, more on The Anarchist in the Library (in my defense, I was actually thinking about this book this morning, before I saw his comment).

While driving to Sarah's this morning "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols came on the radio (side note - Love The Edge). In my twisted memory bank, this song and the book are irreparably tied together, since I was humming it during the entire reading process. ("Anarchy for the UK/It's coming sometime and maybe/I give a wrong time stop a traffic line/Your future dream is a shopping scheme").

The book uses lots of pop culture examples and we seem to have similar tastes in music and how often does that happen in a textbook?

I also had to do some research for my discussion group questions and found he has a blog of his own, A quick browse found a flaming liberal, so he's a boy after my own heart. He's also now on my bloglines.

It's easy to forget that a blog is a very public thing. While I was home, Mom asked a number of times if I thought my blog was "safe". I outlined the precautions I've taken (no last names, anonymous email, somewhat vague locations) but if someone wants to find me off this blog, it's entirely possible. Of course, I could pick up a stalker at the grocery store along with my low-fat yogurt so the blog's not really the issue (the loonies would be the issue).

But this comment reminded me of the good things blogs can bring too. A professor at NYU now knows a little bit about crocheters in AZ and that they read books about copyrights. My Dad got Father's Day wishes from people all over the country, ones he's probably never going to meet. And I've met some people I consider potential friends even though we've never verbally spoken to each other and I've learned a lot about a ever-increasing variety of topics.

Don't worry Mom, I'll be careful. But I'm still going to blog.


Kimpossible said...

I think of the same thing somewhat often. I try to me smart about what I post, but who knows. After all, you don't know me (I am a friend of TrueEpicure) and I read your blog pretty often and know a fair amount of details of your life. I sometime wonder...

Heather said...

I've wondered about it, too. That's why I don't use the kid's names and don't disclose where I work. But, with a little digging anyone could find out so much more. I wonder if there really is such a thing as anonimity in the world anymore.