Saturday, July 16, 2005

How've ynz been?

I'm back. 50 pounds of books, mystery bruises, confused digestive system and all. Me and the dog, chilling at home. Reading the 600+ entries on Bloglines. Where the common courtesy folks? I leave for two weeks and you can't just not post for a bit? You have to go into posting overdrive? I'm going to be at the computer all day and not one second of it is going to be homework related.

I will be taking a short break to go pick up Harry Potter #6. It's waiting at Changing Hands, but I couldn't stay up to midnight last night to go get it. And once I do, that's probably going to be it for the rest of the weekend.

I haven't crocheted a stitch in the last few days because I am TAY-ird (said in the western PA accent of my roommates). The second panel of the SWTC sweater is almost done and I made a lanyard for my nametag ("Must be worn at all time. Really, always. We're going to check while you're sleeping"). That's been about it.

To come in the next few days: new books for fun, new books for school, new obsessions, lots of pictures, amusing stories, etc.

Lucy says Hi. From immediately behind my chair. Little, gluey, furry shadow. Missed her.

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Sarah said...

Welcome back!!!!