Monday, July 25, 2005


Not a whole lot new to report. Book club was fun and Melanie made yummy cheese-covered olives. The schoolwork is progressing slowly. The SWTC sweater is almost to the neck shaping which is the last step before seaming. My ToDo list is huge.

My one telephone jack hasn't been working for over a month and it took me until today to realize that the phone jack in the computer room (directly opposite the inoperable one) will support DSL but not a phone. So I guess it's not really the jack (like I kept telling maintenance), but instead something more insidious which will involve a billion calls and waiting for Qwest and so on and so on and I'm not even going to risk it until after school is over. If I lost my internet access, I would be big-time screwed. Fighting for a computer at the library to take a final doesn't sound like fun.

My mantra:
"Almost done, almost done, almost done. You will have free time soon. You will not feel guilty about crocheting soon. You will be able to read Harry Potter in one sitting soon. Almost done."

And Kirsten was right: "There's no coasting in library school" = "There's no crying in baseball" from a League of Their Own.

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