Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Boring - that describes my life and my blog right now. It's not that nothing is happening, it's that nothing INTERESTING is happening.

The sister tank top is still going slowly. Every time I say I'm not going to rip it out to get the variegation pattern uniform, I end up ripping it out. But no more! (really truly).

I'm still re-reading the Harry Potter series, halfway thru book 5. Yes, I know I just read it but you still pick up little things that are important in book 6.

The job search is constant but not profitable.

Mariah went home but I really didn't see her much so it wasn't a big change when she was gone. Lucy did sleep in the bed with me last night instead of in the hallway. I think she thought Mariah might want to start playing in the middle of the night and Lucy wanted to be ready, just in case.

Oh wait, I threw up yesterday; that's interesting isn't it? That'll learn me to take my meds with food, won't it just.


Jewels said...

You hurled yesterday???? LOL I choked on my coffee, couldn't catch my breath, scared the crap outa Curly and "almost" threw up,...you win!! lmao

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Oh no....on the hurling thing!