Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Do you know this cat?

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And if so, can you tell it to get the %^&%* off my porch.

You see, Lucy hangs out by the front door and looks out the window a lot. And this damn cat decides it's going to torment her last night. Starting about midnight, it walked back and forth, lay down repeatedly and stared at her continually and Lu kept barking and whining and scratching. The best was when it walked right up to the glass and flipped out, scratching it's claws all over the pane (which it did at least twice) causing Lucy to have an equally frenetic moment on the other side. I actually took the picture hoping the flash would scare it off, but no love. I finally lowered the mini-blinds and prayed that Lu wouldn't tear them off the door trying to see the cat. Luckily, this also seemed to signal to the cat that playtime was over since it wandered off a few minutes later. If it comes back tonight, I'm going to be tempted to just open the door and let Lucy at it (don't worry, she'd just hump it; Lu's a lover, not a fighter albeit one with some species-crossing confusion).

And now for the "It's a Small World" portion of out program. I was at Changing Hands, trading in some books and picking up the next book club book, Pope Joan. I've checked out and am walking away from the counter when I hear the next woman in line ask for help finding...Pope Joan. Yep, it was someone from book club, Suzanne. What makes it odder; Suzanne spends much of her time in Flagstaff, Changing Hands is not anywhere near where she lives in the valley, book club doesn't meet until September 18 and there are only about 10 of us in it, and all this happened at 2 o'clock on a Tuesday (ie not prime book shopping hours).

So I showed her where the second (and final) copy of the book was and we had a nice little chat. I love when these type of things happen.

Currently I'm working feverishly on my sister's tank top because, as she informed me Sunday, she would like it while it's still warm out. Isn't it amazing what you'll put up with from the ones you love?


Jewels said...

I can just see you now crocheting a lassoo to catch sylvester da puddy tat..oh sure, I can chuckle but believe me, I feel your pain..midnight cat porch rambles aren't fun.

Luscious Gracious said...

Best Cat Blog Episode EVER!!!!