Thursday, August 04, 2005

Please Help

Last night in Phoenix we had rain. A lot of rain, up to 3 inches in some areas in just a few hours. Buildings out here aren't built for that kind of abuse and there were a number of roofs that collapsed or were ripped off by the winds, luckily no one was killed.

One of the damaged roofs was at the St. Mary's Foodbank. There's physical damage to the building and a large amount of food had to be thrown out due to the water damage. St Mary's usually supplies about 100,000 meals a day to people who need it and right now they can't do that.

Please help if you can. You can make a donation here.

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Heather said...

Did you hear another food bank's roof was damaged as well? Mother Nature must have been really pissed off that night. Thanks for putting the word out there. I'll be making a donation to them, too!