Monday, December 12, 2005


As of 5 minutes ago I turned in my last assignment. I officially survived the semester. I make few promises as to the quality of the work but the FastTrack motto is "completion, not perfection" and I am taking that to heart with a vengeance.

It is entirely possible that I may not think of anything the least bit library-ish until January 4th. However, it is not probable. I know I'll be visiting the library or something. But no Dialog searching, I can promise you that.

Once my brain has down-shifted, I will blog about the frickin' Anika sweater, my inability to compare two objects that should be equivalent, the fact that my left index finger feels like sandpaper and how crappy the Beyond is to frog. But not now. Now I'm gonna go watch the Survivor finale. Guilt-free.



Heather said...

Yea!! You are done. Now you can come out tonight, have lots of wine and fun! Guilt free!

Eva said...

Congratulations!!! Be free, Be free!