Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just a little flaw

There I was at SnB, happily working on the first Anika sleeve. La, la, la, maybe I'll finish by Christmas, la, la, la.

Holy shit, I'm starting my third ball of yarn for this sleeve. I'm not going to have enough to finish. WTF! I should have had at least 2 balls extra. I'm on gauge. WTF!

I plug grimly along, plotting how to get my hands on another ball, or two, or quite possibly three. Eva may be a connection. Maybe I can convince them to break a bag at the party Friday. Maybe I'll just make it short-sleeved.

I arrive back home and plop on the couch to hopefully finish the sleeve before bedtime. Ok, second set of 19 rows in pattern, done. Next step. Decrease and continue in pattern until 17.5". Umm...wait a cotton-pickin' minute. I'm already measuring 28". Huh? 17.5" from last decrease, maybe? No, from the bottom. And another hearty WTF was uttered.

Have you guessed yet? What the almost blindingly obvious issue was? That is correct: TYPO. The second set of 19 rows? Not so much needed. The pattern accidentally repeated two sentences twice (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here. The other option is that Cool Crochet has some sort of vendetta against me and I got too much schoolwork to deal with that).

So I measured and ripped and measured and started the raglan shaping (yep, 28" with no shaping yet. Can you tell this is my first sleeve?). The yarn quantity should be adequate. The sleeve will not be knee-length. And my sanity may stay intact for yet another day.


Eva said...

I'm bringing my bag o' yarn on Friday, just in case. :)

Mel said...

Phewww! Crisis averted. Thank goodness for that eagle-eye.

ladylinoleum said...

Knee length sleeve...LMAO.