Thursday, December 15, 2005

Murphy's Law

No, not that Murphy.

I mean the other one. I mean the mean one. The one who hates Peruvians.

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Most days, you get wool within 25 feet of hot water and you get Barbie clothes. When you want it to shrink, no so much.

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Just a little bit more. Just a tiny, little, intsy-wintcy bit more. And it would be perfect. The game plan for now is to have the birthday boy try it on and then he gets to decide Yay or Nay. A Nay will cause no hurt feelings and will result in another gift. Of some type. Probably not a felted hat.

This hat will then travel to PA in search of somebody with a big noggin.

The red socks have made a dramatic change. They now plan to be red socks with hot pink toes and heels. I just wasn't positive I'd have enough to finish both in all red so I decided to err on the side of hot pinkness.

Have you noticed there's been no books added to the list lately? That's because I finally met my match. I hardly ever leave a book for good halfway in but Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson kicked my literary ass. I've been reading it for over 2 weeks, I even renewed it at the library. I read it faithfully every night before bed (except when the new Entertainment Weekly showed up). 400 pages in and I gave up. That was before the halfway point even. It wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't anything I wanted to read. Especially not for the next month.

Took it back today and got some others. Since two of the five are Stephenson's I hope Quicksilver was just a fluke.

And I came to the realization that I am a complete library geek now. Another of the five is a history of Google. I wouldn't be surprised if it's required reading at some point but it looked interesting.

And no, I haven't been wearing the same shirt for 24 hours, that's my pj's. What? You don't put your pj's on at 5 in the afternoon? Why the hell not?

"so why do i feel like something's been rearranged?
you know, taken out of context i must seem so strange"

Ani DiFranco, Fire Door


Ashley said...

That was one gi-normous hat. I'm with you on the inversely proportion wool- to person-desired shrink factor.

I'm also with you on the jammies. It's currently 3:45 pm in Okinawa, and I'm one sexy mama in my Nick and Nora Sock Monkey jammies. I LIVE in these jammies. My grandmother puts on lipstick and perfume just before her hubby gets home, I put on flannel. Nuthin but the best for my baby.

Vera said...

It's looking good. I so need to make that!!!

SheCrochets said...

The hat looks really nice, if a little too big. Maybe you could do a little hand-felting (i.e., in a bucket) to keep shrinking to a minimum? Just a thought.

I put my pjs on every single day as soon as I come home from work. And I secretly resent guests, because they are keeping me from my pj-comfy-ness!

Nancy said...

Maybe you just have a really, really small head? Maybe?

By the way, I just read your post that links to the Overdue cartoon. I've actually been asked reference questions in the bathroom, so the cartoon isn't so far off!


angharad said...

It may be a little late for this, but what sort of washer do you have? My front load washing machine is so gentle on clothes, it's a pathetic felter, but my friends top loader is a champion felter. I guess it makes a difference.