Friday, August 11, 2006

Sometimes, I concern even myself

On Big Brother last night (yes, I watch Big Brother, shut up. I'm on vacation and there's nothing else on. And sometimes it's funny. And it's a anthropological study of the universal human condition...if everyone was a wanna-be actor/model with poor strategic planning abilities. Was this a parentheses? Damn it. Starting over.)

So on Big Brother last night, they got a sheep. Yes, you read that right. They walked back into the house and there was a sheep in the living room. With a bow.

What concerns me is that my first thought was not "What crazy activity are they going have to do now?" or "No barnyard animals in the house!" but instead was "Hey! They can shear it and spin yarn and teach themselves to knit! Cool!"


Sarah said...

I would have thought the exact same thing!!!!!

Deneen said...

I watch the show to, strictly on the scientific level and yes, I saw the sheep and was happy. My daughter screamed "lamb" and I shouted "ewe" and her wool looked so nice and all I could think about was shearing and dyeing. Sad really. Can't wait to hear what they're thinking about it.

Jewels said...

I watch the show too - was all excited when the sheep was starring in the house. I liked the pink bow on her. This season the show seems a lot more unpredictable.