Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Ba-ack

Wow, I've basically been incommunicado for over a month. How the hell did that happen? Everyone's going to have forgotten where we left off!


Previously, on Pam's Life:

I worked, went to school, occasionally knit or crocheted something and lived happily as Lucy's personal assistant. Then mid-October happened.

Oct 14 Saw the Foo Fighters at State Fair with Mel, Forrest and Anna. Prior to showI felt the first nose tickle of what I presumed to be seasonal allergies (Fall is a season, albeit a weird one for allergies).

Oct 15 Allergy diagnosis was revised to rhinovirus due to feeling of extreme crapitude. Guilt ensued for potential infecting others at State Fair.

Oct 14 and 15 In-depth house cleaning attempted due to impending sibling visit. Lot of dust raised and scattered about, including into sinuses.

Oct 16 The trifecta of time management was accomplished: carpet cleaning sometime between 8 and noon, dog grooming starting at 7:30 and ending approximately 10:30 and phone call from internship in Boston re: status sometime after 8. Surprisingly, all activities were sucessfully completed with only a brief session of outside phone yelling.

Oct 17 through 29 Rhinovirus diagnosis revised back to allergies. Daily ingestion of cold/antihistamine pills, Claritin, benadryl and/or other allergy medication.

***Yarn-Related Activities for October I finished a hat and scarf for Dad and table runner, napkin rings and a bag for Patty. Pictures were taken.

Oct 19 Finally mailed dad’s present and due to bad communication skills (mine or office aide? Not sure but I have my suspicions.) paid more for postage than for yarn.

Oct 24 Work. Called dad re: Happy Birthday

Oct 25 Work. Patty arrived via big shiny airplane at approximately 14 o'clock at night.

Oct 26 Happy Birthday Patty. The day's activities included digital camera comparison shopping, exchanging gifts, dinner with Patty, Mel, Mexican food and strong margaritas. While still taking allergy meds. Smart.

Oct 27 Happy Birthday me. The day's activites included taking Lucy to the dog park with the lake, washing stinky wet dog towels, thrift store shopping, finding a work Christmas party dress for $9, dinner at the vegan resturant Green, hanging out with the LGs and assorted others and getting even more gifts (documented proof of all gifts forthcoming).

Oct 28 Visit to the Phoenix Farmers Market. Group trip to the State Fair with Patty, Mel, Karen and hubby for Figure 8 racing. Got involved in eating, looking at crafts and photographing sheep and missed the whole event.

At various points over the weekend Patty and I watched about 6 hours of Arrested Development and ate about 3 pounds of Halloween candy.

Oct 29 Drive Patty to airport. Realize it's no longer allergies but instead a bad rhinovirus. Desire sleep. Stop for cold medication. Kill car battery. Rescued by Mel. Try to sleep. Walkt to pick up car fitted with new battery. Sleep.

Oct 30 Sleep.

Oct 31 Sleep and cough. Miss Halloween party at work even after making minions (pictures to follow).

Nov 1 Work and cough. Sleep and cough.
Nov 2 Sleep and cough.
Nov 3 Sleep and cough.
Nov 4 Go to Halloween party at Mel’s and cough.
Nov 5 Sleep and cough.

During this time I consumed a bottle of NyQuil, a bottle of cough suppressant and untold numbers of cold pills, decongestants and ibuprofen. And a metric crapload of ice cream.

Nov 6 Doctor visit. Cough, sleep, fill prescrition for cough syrup with codine and antibiotics. Figure out it's no longer a rhinovirus.

Nov 7 through 13 Blurry. I remember sleeping and coughing. And an annoying phone call from my ex where I happily but groggily told him to never contact me again.

Nov 14 Actually made it to work. Where I coughed and coughed and relapsed to a previous state.

Nov 15 through 19 Sleep. Daily lessening of coughing. Choke on dinner. Retrieve Murphy for a visit. Sleep. Ignore dogs. Feel guilt for ignoring dogs. Wake up every morning with Murphy on the bed where he had stealthily arrived during the night, taking advantage of my drug-induced slumber.

Nov 20 Back to the doctor to be told I'm no longer sick but am having seasonal allergies that are causing me to cough, even though the last 30 years of allergies have never caused me to cough.

Nov 21 Return to work. Return to some semblance of a normal life.
Since then, I've been feeling progressively better by which I mean I am eating food items other than ice cream, I have felt the desire to pick up a needle or hook, I have stayed awake for over 12 hours in a row, I have remembered that I need to actually do the school work instead of staring at it and, most blessedly, I have had more than one day without having to take medication.
Next post: pictures (probably).


Deneen said...

I am glad you are getting better. My dd coughs like crazy from allergies. I thought the Southwest was where ya went when you had allergies-not as bad there, although each time we've been to Vegas, my husband and I both had horrible allergy problems-go figure.

Kirsten said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! What a horrible time you've had with the cold/allergy thing. I was worried about you! Looking forward to your pictures.

eva said...

I was wondering if you were okay! Glad to hear you finally got doped up properly to kill the sickness.

Stephanie said...

yowza, that's some month!
Glad to hear things are smoothing out!

tammy said...

Yours too!!?? My dog is a HUGE fan of purse-diving. If by "diving" you mean "consuming."

She ate a tote bag once. A tote bag!!!! And part of a backpack. I am thinking about getting her a job with the TSA working at the Atlanta airport.

Sally said...

Good grief. I'm glad you are feeling better. Hang in there - now you just need to make it thru the holiday season in one piece!