Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We've Arrived

Lucy and I arrived safe and sound in Millersville, PA on Monday night. The trip was long and I had a cold and cough for the whole thing (because I can't make anything simple, apparently) but nothing too dramatic happened.

Lucy was an excellent traveler, hanging out in the back seat, sharing the hotel bed, begging for french fries at the Sonic lunch stop.

A huge number of pictures were taken but I haven't set up my computer yet to download them. Hopefully by the weekend and then I can properly document the journey for y'all.

Also, my hair likes the humidity a lot more than the rest of me.


Deneen said...

Welcome "home" and yes, it is humid isn't it? Cooler weather on the way.

Wen said...

So glad to meet you, Pam. We're glad to have you join our SnB!!! Welcome back to PA!

Jewels said...

Glad to hear Lucy was a real little trooper on her travels with you.