Thursday, December 20, 2007

For Jewel

Apparently, Curly has been missing his Valentine Lucy. So these are for him:

Lucy and the soup

"Grandpa loves making the soup. And I love begging for the soup. It's a perfect combination."

Lucy and the front door

"If I stare at the door long enough, I'm sure Grandma or Grandpa will walk through it." (and it only took 2 weeks of staring...)

Lucy and the snow

"I have vague recollections of this white stuff. It's like rain, which I hate, but it's not as wet, which I like. The boss threw some of it at me, which I didn't like, but I can make paw prints, which is cool. My reactions are mixed, therefore I shall reserve judgement until more data can be collected."


SheCrochets said...

I have missed the puppy pics! Thanks for sharing them!

Jewels said...

Yayyy, Curly got his Lucy fix! Thanks for posting the just know I'm bringing Curly to the computer and pointing out Lucy and reading your post aloud. Do I need help? haha
Mistletoe to Lucy from my boy.