Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Christmas List

1. Sock monkey - not really for Christmas, but needing to be completed.
2. Clothes for sock monkey - this could conceivable take
as long as the monkey itself to complete
3. Fingerless gloves / mittens for sister - yarn is bought, pattern obtained
4. Log Cabin blanket for sister - yarn and pattern, yes
5. Socks for mom - regia yarn bought, pattern obtained
6. Blue socks with white heels and toes for dad - yarn and pattern, yes
7. Scarf for Rita - birthday, but in December
8. Something for work pollyanna - scarf if female, hat if male
9. Something for friend pollyanna - most likely scarf, color will be decided once I know what friend.
10. Scarf for Mom - apparently the two I already made her are for warmth, not fashion
11. Scarf for Karen - my cousin's wife of 1.5 years, I've only met her a few times but I think she'd like something fluffy
12. Scarf for Priti - another cousin who is hard to buy for
13. Slippers for Holly - birthday in January
14. Something for Rita for Christmas
15. Something for Josh for Christmas Eve birthday
16 A few extra scarves for people I forgot

And this doesn't even count the birthday sweater for my mom that was due last April, or the umpteen projects for me I have started or bought yarn for.

I may have to quit work to get all this done. Thank goddess, scarves are quick.

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