Thursday, November 18, 2004


Looks like I'm a little pessimistic. I finished the baby blanket last night and even had time to wash it. Currently it is sitting in a gift bag on my co-worker's chair, awaiting his return from paternity leave (ie monday). The next baby's gettin' a hat. A very, very small hat.

So it looks like the overnight will be dedicated to the sock monkey and my sister's blanket (a log cabin pattern). In response to Illanna: the sock monkey orginates from a Leisure Arts pattern. It is crochet and it's a little bit of a cheat because you don't actually make the socks first, you just go straight into monkey-ness.

Oh, oh maybe I'll bring the gi-huge-ic felted bag too and work on the lining. You know that since I'm obsessing about all this so much I'm gonna get there and decide to make something completely new or take up scrapbooking or some such nonsense and accomplish nothing.

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