Monday, November 29, 2004

Long Day

I got about 1/3 done on the b/w scarf for Kim (the girl group pollyanna). The monkey is sitting next to me sneering at me because he only has a mouth on his body, no rest of the head.
Didn't sleep well last night. I was worried about Myriah (sp?), Melanie's chihuahua. She hid out under my bed all night and I was afraid a dust bunny might eat her (she's v v tiny, especially compared to Lucy).
Worked was busy and then I had to assist making instrument parts which means super glue and acetone. So I ended up feeling dizzy and yucky. And, since the day didn't go as planned, I may have to go back in later tonight if they need an arm.
Which leads me to think I should maybe explain what I do. In a vague, roundabout way (so no one from work accidentally googles this site) I work in the clinical department of a tiny company that is developing a instrument so people with diabetes can measure their sugar without poking themselves. We have people with diabetes in everyday (subjects) to test our instrument on. I work with them, scheduling and doing all the paperwork you need to do when you have human subjects instead of fake body parts to test on. If we do not have a subject, I am often called upon to be an "arm" i.e. someone they can test on. If you have questions or a few million dollars you'd like to donate to the company, please contact me. And if you have diabetes and lots of free time and live in Phoenix, please please contact me!
Tonight, monkey cranium and b/w ribbon scarf. And possibly data collection.

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