Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Not Dead Yet

I'm still here. I don't post on the weekends, 'cause I hate my home computer, but that should be rectified v v soon.
And then work got crazy. And not just the usual planning studies and scheduling and logistics, my closest friend at work is going thru some crap and I'm powerless to help. In fact, I even need to pretend that I have no idea that anything is happening. Which is hard when you want to kick some guy in the nads.
On the crocheting hook (ha, pun!): Blanket given and received very well. It's nice when people acknowledge that a homemade gift takes a little more effort then picking something up at Target.
Monkey now has a butt, a tail, 2 lower legs, 2 arms, two ears and a mouth. Only the middle left to do...which makes it sound so simple.
One 9" square completed for the charity blankets. I think this will be my fallback brainless project when I'm tired of things that make me count stitches. The yarn I used is bright gold acrylic. It must have elastic in it or something, 'cause it's rather stretchy, but in a good way.
Soon I will list all the things I have to make for Christmas. Which will probably make me freak out.
The "sleepover" was great fun. It was a small group, but everyone got lots done. And there was junk food, which is always good. Pictures were taken and eventually will be posted.
It was Allison, me, Paula, Melanie, Becky and Nick (in order of arrival). I'm counting Nick, even though he only stayed for about 20 minutes due to a more interesting social engagement (can't imagine what could be more interesting then girls in their flannel pj's playing with yarn and eating crap). We were also visited by the pizza guy and a woman whose shoes led us to believe she was a streetwalker. She was apparently looking for a overnight day care facility, which coincides with the shoe selection. Why she was looking at 9pm on a Saturday night, I'm not sure.
More has been posted on other blogs, including Allison's late night adventures. We must all remember to stretch, people. Prolonged sitting can lead to bedsores and fainting episodes. And Allison may no longer knit unsupervised.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe how *fast* you got those monkey arms done!