Friday, November 19, 2004

It's a very confusing day

My Dad is retiring today. I'm happy for him, he's worked hard his whole life and he deserves some time to relax. He's done a great job taking care of my sister and I, now's the time for him to take care of himself. I know he hasn't enjoyed this last job, it was a lot of problems and headaches (and lead), but he did it well. And they rewarded him by moving the plant to Mexico (jeez, I sound like an Ani DiFranco song).

I'm also worried about him. Dad doesn't have a lot of hobbies. He reads but he doesn't read like I do, he would think it was a waste to spend a day just reading. He has some stocks and investments and I thought he'd get into the online money management thing when my parents finally got a computer but he hates it and spends no time on it. He likes to build things and repair stuff but he doesn't have any grand ambition to fix an antique car or build bookshelves or anything like that. Mom keeps saying she wants to rent an RV and travel the country for a while, but Dad really isn't into that.

Isn't that why people retire? So they can do the stuff they've always wanted to do, but didn't have the time to? I don't know what my Dad's stuff is. I've know men who have retired and then felt useless and gone into a depression. I knew one man who didn't come out of it. It scares me to think this might happen to my Dad.

I know I'm probably over-reacting. Come Monday morning, he's probably going to take up roller derby or something and Mom will have to start complaining about how he's never around to work on the honey-do list she made. And when that happens, I'll just have to laugh at myself.

I was born when he was 27; it's 34 years later and everything's changing again. Some things just make you feel old. Your Dad retiring is apparently one of them.

Congratulations Dad. And good luck.


Creative Genius? said...

I wish him the best and wish I was in his shoes.... oh what I would give to retire - there are sooo many things i want to do.... if he needs some hints he should call me :-)

Jack said...

I've told Joe since before we were married that he is NEVER allowed to retire. I don't care what it takes, but he will always have an office and he will go there every morning, Monday through Friday. He has zero hobbies and not a single way to entertain himself. It's scary when men retire, so much of their self-worth can be wrapped up in a job!

I wish your father the best - I hope it goes well for him

- Brooke

Jen said...

When my grandpa retired (this is the only reference I have, my dad passed away when he was 42-anyeruism) he built a cabin, which is actually more of a house, north of Christopher Creek. When I say built, I mean built...he didn't HAVE it built. He drew up the plans, created the bluepints, you get the idea and then let my grandma fill it with antiques. I think it was just a way for them to not drive eachother crazy. He really must have been bored. Getting an RV and traveling around sounds good to me. My dad wanted to do that.