Friday, November 19, 2004

Toe update

It's all right, no need to keep worrying about my poor little toes. I'm wearing my Docs today, so plenty of space for all digits. I know my feet issues kept many of you from getting a good nights sleep.

Like Lucy (see, I told you I'd talk about the dog eventually). On Wednesday, she was compelled to eat a container of licorice while I was at work. And then last night she decided she didn't need to sleep, instead she would stay up and chew her rawhide and drink lots of water and wake me up frequently to go out. Until 7 this morning when she decided to curl up next to me in bed right when I was supposed to be getting up and caused me to hit the snooze a few too many times (Happiness is a warm puppy...and apparently pseudo-Sominex is too).

So, the dog's possessed, the toes are fine and I have done nothing but make things and then immediately frog them for two days. At least ribbon yarn is a quick frog.

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