Friday, November 12, 2004

The Price of Beauty

I just read a blurb that the average woman eats 6 lbs. of lipstick over the course of her lifetime (but it's ok 'cause it's non-toxic). However, I don't usually wear does that mean some poor lady has to eat 12 lbs just to keep the average up? My lack of lip vanity may the root of some poor fashion-conscious woman's digestive difficulties!

Maybe I should stop by the drugstore on the way home and pick up a few tubes.


illanna said...

Yeah! Save the lipstick eaters!
Hey you never know though- maybe when you are a lot older, you will be one of those women who CAKE ON the pink lipstick like every day, and you will in fact be the one who digests 12 lbs of lipstick...hmmm....who knows?

Jen said...

Wasn't there anything about lipgloss?!? It has a completely different texture than lipstick. I wonder if the lipgloss wearer consumes significanlty less lipstick than the lipstick wearer, becuase lipgloss rubs off easier. hmmm....the mysteries of life.