Monday, December 20, 2004


Yes, Melanie had a very good idea on how to proceed with the flame hat and under normal circumstances it would have worked perfectly. But then I got involved. If I had more time or a functioning brain, I could probably figure it out, albeit with many fits and starts. But I have neither time nor brain, therefore...stripes. And now it's almost done, thank god.

The flame section is actually done, but not lying smooth. After christmas I am going to attempt this again and I will make an adequate flame hat, but apparently not for my cousin for christmas. And since we don't have the type of relationship where I can mail him a hat out of the blue, I guess I will end up wearing it. And it will go so smashingly with fancy work clothes. But I'm gonna make the damn thing. I will not be defeated by mere yarn!!!!

Still sick. Not coughing as much, but tired, tired, tired. So much in fact that I was very late for work today. So I got a happy, little, "we're at a crucial point in development" lecture. Obviously, the company will go straight down the tubes if I don't show up at 8 on the dot. Such power I wield.

Last night Lucy decided to go walkabout. The gate in the backyard doesn't latch automatically so if the maintenance guys come in, it ends up shut but not latched. And there is an evil cat who has taken to hanging out in the yard. My best guess is that the cat jumped in the yard, Lucy went after it, the cat went over the gate and Lucy hit the gate and just went thru when it swung open. And then it swung shut behind her. I'm not sure how long she was out, but I realized it had been too long since she had bugged me. I actually couldn't figure out where I had left her and spent time looking in bedroom, etc. before realizing "Porch light on, dog outside". Threw on some shoes and bolted out the back door in a panic. And found her in the front of the house just waiting patiently for me to let her in.

And then today, Lucy decided she needed some extra calories to make up for all the exertion last night, so she helped herself to some cookies leftover from book club. These things were large and iced and gave me the sugar jitters after one. She had two. This may be a long hyper-dog night.

Don't worry about the cat. Even if Lucy ever catches it (which, in and of itself, is highly unlikely) the only thing she'll do is try to hump it. Yes, I know Lucy is a girl and there's the whole inter-species thing, but in her defense, she once vacationed at a home with a boy dog and a much put-upon cat and she was obviously at an impressionable age. This is reason #254 why I don't have a cat.

I got a gift card to Borders at the work gift exchange, so I'll go soon and buy some more books! Since I only have about 30 books on the "to be read" shelf right now, it a lucky thing I got this, don't want to run short. And Darlene really seemed to like her scarves, so that's good.

Currently reading 'Every Secret Thing' by Laura Lippman. Halfway thru and it's excellent. It doesn't feature Tess Monaghan, like the other Lippman books I've read, but I haven't missed her.

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