Wednesday, December 15, 2004

But think of all the yarn I didn't buy...

You start off a day with no evening plans. You think of all the thing you'll accomplish during those precious few hours between work and sleep. And then your phone rings and you decide to chuck it all and go out. Screw the laundry, there has to be at least one pair of clean socks somewhere in the dresser, even if they are turquoise argyle from 1982.

Alison was looking for company on her yarn hunting shenanigans tonight and I was happy to oblige. We went to CraftMart and asked about the mystery Stitch and Bitcher, Beth, who works there and has yet to be able to come to a SnB meeting. She, of course, was not working tonight -probably to keep up her air of intrigue.

Dinner at NYPD Pizza. Yay for thin crust pizza you can fold! If the pizza will not fold easily, it's too thick and therefore useless to me.

Then to Michaels. I bought 2 skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Pumpkin and Grass. I have no immediate plans for this yarn, but the colors looked so pretty sitting together that I just had to have them. Damn you Michaels, with your eye-catching endcap displays!

At this point we decided that Wool Ease Chunky actually does not exist and was merely a figment of the pattern writer's fevered mind. Sportweight, check. Worsted weight, check. Thick and Quick, check. Chunky...hmm, are you sure you're reading that right?

And there our evening ended. We went yarning for Alison and I was the one to buy stuff. How the hell did that happen?

Amount of crochet done today - 2 rounds on the homespun hat. And I carried half a scarf around and thought about working on it, does that count?

Oh yeah, and Alison saw the pink poodle purse (the PPP for short) and can attest to its hideousness. Maybe I'll appreciate it more when I am reincarnated as 5 year old girl with a princess fetish...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm an enigma.
I'll admit it, my one goal in life is to appear mysterious.
Really though, I am sorry we haven't gotten together before now. I'll admit, I'm shy about having to ask for a ride, like I'm just using you for your vehicle. I wouldn't be, of course. I'd be using you for companionship and your vehicle. :D
I'm headed home to MI for Christmas this weekend, so we probably won't meet this year, but I'll be back in the beginning of Jan. I'll get in touch with you then. And maybe I'll beg for a ride.

Donna said...

Pam, if you have a Hancock Fabrics near you, they have Wool-Ease Chunky. Hancock doesn't have any other brand of yarn, but they have just about everything Lion Brand makes! :-)