Monday, December 06, 2004

Feeling better now

I guess I had a few people worried after my Saturday post. I'm really not that down, it was just a looonnngg week. Thanks for the concern.

I don't feel sick anymore, so hopefully I kicked that virus for good. I have reached a state of resigned acceptance about the work situation, tho I still may have to wreak some havoc if the asshole shows his face. I've had heat for the entire weekend. I actually finished a number of scarves. I finished the Dark Tower and, while sad the series has ended, am happy with how it did so. I was able to eat dinner in peace tonight. And tomorrow I will face work with a sunny attitude and a cheery smile on my face. I believe the theory is called "If you can't be, act as if".

Last night I went to the Willo Street coffee house with Melanie. We saw her friend Harris Blackwood play. Harris just opened for Nancy Griffin this past Thursday and everyone is over the moon about it. She is really talented and it was a great group of people there supporting her. Except for the table of rude people in the back who just kept hollering across the table at each other. I know you may not always want live music when you are hanging out with your buddies, but you can at least be polite about it or go somewhere else.

Melanie told me to remind her to tell me about how she cut her yarn on the plane when she went home for Thanksgiving. I forgot, and now the curiosity is killing me. I know it wasn't with her teeth or with a dental floss container but that's as far as we got before the music started up again.

I know we had discussed having some SnB meetings at Willo House but decided against it because of the smoke. The back rooms (non-smoking) weren't too bad, but the front room where we ended up was rather rank. The light was also better in the back rooms. However, our group has gotten so big, we'd probably be spilling out into the parking lot if we ever invaded.

I ended up hanging all the clothes, my purse, the yarn bag, yarn and 1.5 scarves I finished while there over the shower rod and dousing them with Febreeze. Everything smells just fine now.

Below, promised pictures from long, long ago. Or last Wednesday, whichever.

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Jack said...

Hi Pam! All your pictures make me miss the SnB meetings even more. It looks like you guys were having fun without me though.

Glad you're feeling better. I realized reading about your work problems that I don't even know what you do. You must tell, I'm dying to know now.

See you soon!