Thursday, December 09, 2004

How to have fun with a fever

1. Leave work early, take a nap and have bizzare fever-induced sex dreams.
2. Go to the SnB Winter Party, refill your beverage cup 2 dozen times and never feel the need to pee.
3. Have flushed red cheeks that match the bright red shirt you wore to be in the holiday spirit (even tho you don't usually wear red and people tend to make fun of said shirt cause it is very Asian styled and I am not, decidely so).
4. Purchase raw soy silk with the intention of kool-aid dying it, even tho you decide a week ago that you were never going to try it 'cause it looked too messy.
5. Filter every discussion had at said party thru sleeve so as not to infect anyone else.
6. Come home and blog about it instead of going back to sleep.

The party was great and I will post more (incl. pics) tomorrow or saturday. And I won a doorprize which may have been the best thing that has happened to me all week (excluding Becky's mexican eggrolls, which rocked).

And I'm annoyed with Alison, cause she commented on my last post and made me cry at work (in a good way).

More advil, some chloroseptic throat spray and then off to bed. Home use study starts monday, gotta be at work so I can find out at 3pm that it's been postponed again. I love my job, it makes the rest of my life look so normal.

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