Friday, December 10, 2004

The week in review

I started the week with a flat tire, I ended it with a doctor staring at my cooter. It just doesn't get any better then that.

In between I got to hang out with some great chicks, buy some cool yarn, eat some good food and and wander aimlessly around with a low-grade fever.
minimal actual crochet work was completed, but much was attempted.
The Home Use 7 day study was changed to an on-site 5 day study (but I did find out at 9am instead of 3pm, so I guess the work communication system is looking up. HA!).
Lucy hates me cause I haven't taken her for a walk all week and the backyard is full of damp leaves and the little princess doesn't like getting her feet wet. A mud puddle, full speed ahead. Grass wet with dew, no frickin' way.
The idea I had for my father for christmas (beyond the socks) was actually given to him for his birthday by my sister. I knew it seemed like a good idea (and oddly familiar).

Tonight, simple projects and early to bed. Tomorrow, harder projects, posting of party pictures and sweeping the leaves off the back porch so Lucy's bladder won't explode. Sunday, the first of the gift exchanges (the girly group) and that's about it. Of course I don't know where or when for that, but that's pretty typical of this group. And the reading of the book club book. Let's see if I stick to any of that.

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