Saturday, December 11, 2004


I know people are waiting for pictures from the party, but I don't have the energy to fight with either the camera or hello.

Good news, Kim's in labor. Check Brooke's blog for more info.

Bad news, I'm still sick. The symptoms keep changing which is good. And my doctor yesterday said that I appear to have this thing that's going around and it should settle in my chest and then go away. Which is better then the rapidly mutating virus I was picturing that would eventually require me to mainline lysol since no known antibiotic could touch it.

I had a scary moment last night. About 2 am I woke up and started coughing, which led pretty much immediately into a prolonged bout of reverse peristalsis. Between the coughing, a throat that was already swollen and the addition of stomach acid, there were a few moments I couldn't breath. At all. I was actually hoping to pass out at one point so maybe my neck muscles would relax allowing an exchange of CO2 for O2. Lucy stuck by my side, licking my arms and looking concerned. I guess she's forgiven me for not taking her for a walk.

I got back to sleep around 3. Today has been spent in a rotation between the bed and the couch. I am feeling better and am not expecting any more "episodes". But this did remind me why I often wish I had an SO...someone to dial 911 for me in a crisis. And maybe some cuddling between death-defying moments.

I did get some work done between naps. My boss's scarf turned out very nicely and I'm about 1/2 way thru another one. A few more scarves, a gaggle of hats and I may finally be able to start on my immediate family's stuff. And a hat for me so I don't freeze while I'm back home.

I am excited about Christmas, I get to spend over a week with my family. You see, I actually like my family, even if my sis gets on my last nerve sometimes. I fly back Christmas Eve and don't return to Phoenix until Jan 2. Please don't rob my house while I'm gone. I spend the first part with my parents in the house I helped them move into last christmas and the reminder of the time in DC in my sister's new house. Lucy spends the week at the PetSmart Hotel which is just a fancy way of saying kennel. Unfortunately, the friends that could take her will either be out of town or their hyperactive dogs will be too much for her to handle. She's 8, with bad knees and mild arthritis and I live in fear that she will blow out another knee. She and I have each had 2 surgeries since moving to Arizona, and we have decided that that's more then enough. Someday I'll share the drama of our medical histories.

The point of me telling y'all I'll be home for a week is to say that I can finish up the family projects then. We have a long tradition of half-completed gifts in my family. I believe my mother still owes me a faux sheepskin vest from Christmas 1979.

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Jen said...

Get better! if you're at work today, go home! I'm not even sick and took a sick day, its great. Lay down on your couch and do nothing. Do you need me to bring you some chicken soup. I will even though I hate being around sick people, I will still bring you soup! Call me if you need anything, I mean it.