Saturday, December 04, 2004

Time Warp

The week has just been one odd thing, followed by a bad thing, followed by an annoying thing and then once around again. And I'm too tired to catagorize them.

My work friend, R, decided she couldn't handle the harassment anymore and that the HR department was doing nothing to make her feel safe, or respected or wanted. She hadn't eaten or slept well in over 2 weeks and has lost 10 pounds she can't afford to lose. Her husband is trying to be supportive and is doing a really bad job of it. The stress got so bad, the only thing she could think of to deal with it was to quit, so she did. On one hand, it's probably the right thing for her, even if I wish she had stayed and fought. On the other, selfish hand, she was one of the few reasons that place is bearable. And I'm afraid the asshole will come back and re-focus his attention on someone else. Or that he will come back and act like nothing happened and I will be forced to have meetings with him and not spit in his face. He threated my friend, he lied about it, he said she was the one doing the harassing and now it looks like he won. And that just gets my Italian up and makes me want to break some frickin' kneecaps. And I'm usually a pacifist.

I got sick, I got better and now I'm getting sick again. So much for my rant on how sleep cures everything.

The big study starting Monday is now starting...later, maybe. But be prepared and get everything ready. But don't spend too much time or money. And have it ready now.

I can concentrate on nothing more complicated then a straight single crochet scarf. And even some of those are turning out odd.

My apartment is having an on-again off-again arrangement with my heating system. I slept last night with no heat and 40 degree temperatures outside, because all it was pushing out was a trickle of cold air. But this morning when I dragged my cold butt out of bed at 7am to wait for maintenance, it started working. Apparently, even my apartment feels it is alright to mock me.

I found out my aunt/uncle and cousins on my Mom's side have started calling themselves the Clampett's (of "so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly" fame). They live off the Main Line in Philadelphia (fancy-scmancy for those not hip to the area) and they solved the problem of a broken-down '67 Mustang in their yard by erecting a Quoncet hut over it. They covered some urban blight with something even blightier and called it a day. Thanksgiving also led to relevations of the fourth of July party in Western PA with 95 people and 1 working toilet and a golf cart that was driven drunkenly into a garage. I have a relative by marriage on this side that is currently in the same jail as Martha Stewart, I have met neither of them but am tempted to visit the pseudo-relative to pitch a book deal to Martha or something. This woman's brother is very big into "family comes first" but neglected to tell anyone there was a problem, or a trial or a jail sentence until well after the fact. There is a broken down cabin in the woods owned by my first cousin (the oldest Clampett boy) and this same man (convict's brother, uncle to Clampett clan) is squatting there and they can't make him leave. A gay cousin (not my cousin, my cousin's cousin) decided to move to Western PA from Atlanta and has decided to decorate the cabin for something to do(yes, the Clampett's have a cousin who is both gay and an interior decorator, screw the stereotypes). And he doesn't like the outhouse wallpaper my aunt put up in the bedroom (wallpaper with outhouses on it) and there have been some screaming rows about it. If this section seems a bit disjointed, it's because these stories were related to me thru bursts of laughter and disbelief from my parents and sister. I can't wait to see the Clampett's at Christmas, when I will once again wonder how I can be related to these people.

Lucy has started to get another ear infection. She fell of the bed the other night and got stuck in a pile of boxes I was saving for Christmas shipping. At 3am I had to get up and rearrange to room so she could get out. The ear and the falling are probably not related.

I haven't finished the Dark Tower series yet, but King keeps killing off main characters and it both makes me cry and pisses me off. If there are other worlds then these, gunslinger, then these folks better show up in one of them, all together and happy. Or else.

Something smells odd in my refrigerator, but I can't figure out what.

Every time I cook dinner this week, someone calls me when I start to eat it.

My brain is not cohesive enough to allow me to post pictures right now. Soon.

All I have eaten today is oatmeal and popsicles. This may be the reason my brain isn't working.

Next week has to be more coherent, right?


Creative Genius? said...

Hey there chica.... I am so sorry to hear of all the sh*t you have been going through and that you are sick - that sucks ... both! Let me know if there is anything that I can do or if you need anything! I am in NJ now- but just call and I can help when I return!

Jen said...

Keep your chin up kiddo, it'll get better and what goes around comes around. I really do believe in karmic justice, if I don't I just may go insane. Hope you start feeling better. Let me know if I can help with anything. Oh, and just throw everything out of your fridge and start from scratch.