Monday, January 24, 2005

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Finally! I finished my sister's mittens. Yes, originally they were to be fingerless gloves/mittens, but the pattern was so bizarre that I gave up and winged some standard mittens instead. Now I just have to hope they fit. I used my own hand as a guide, but I've got some long, skinny hands. But Pat is related to me, and I think her hands are similar but there is that off chance...

And a live model shot.

Yeah, they're kind of boring, but she wanted black. So I splurged on the yarn, Debbie Bliss Cashmarino. They should be warm, which is good since the whole Northeast is snowed in.

1 comment:

Mel said...

They look great. And since you improvised, you can say they are a "Pam" original!