Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Woo! Rock and Roll!

It's been a very live music intensive couple of days. Saturday night and tonight (Tuesday) Melanie and I went to The Sets to see some bands. Lots of bands.

Saturday - Haffo, Fayuca and Girl Kicks Boy. Haffo and Fayuca are both ska/reggee and put on a really good show. Girl Kicks Boy was...ok, but it was supposed to be a ska show and they really didn't fit. More like a bar band.

*Predominant male hair style: The Napoleon Dynamite
*Self-consciously ironic T-shirt sayings: Yes
*Mohawks: 1
*Abraham Lincoln beards: 1
*Individuals with both mohawk and Abe Lincoln beard: 1 (aka Abe Strummer)
*Mullets: 0
*Hot, shirtless drummers: 1 but he gets extra points for being very, very hot. And did I mention shirtless. And, oh yeah, a really good drummer.
*Odd people dancing on stage who had no discernable function: 1
*Number of people dancing while skating around on roller sneakers: 1
*Number of parents watching their offspring perform: at least 5
*Very charismatic drummers: 1
*Number of Haffo band members who called us "ladies": 1
*Number of Haffo band members Melanie recognized as they called us "ladies" and thanked us for coming: 0

Tuesday night- Adam Panic, Mink Revolution, Razorlight and the Dresden Dolls. They were all excellent and if you listen to the Edge 103.9 you've probably heard at least one song from all of them.

*Predominant male hair style: the emo
*Blink-182 haircuts: 2
*Mohawks: 1
*Fauxhawks: 5
*Girls with very short bangs: lots and lots
*Mullets: 2
*Preferred hair dye color: black
*Vinyl pants: 2
*Micro-minis: 3
*Micro-minis I accidentally looked up because I was sitting on the ground and the girl was about 6 foot tall and wearing heels: 1
*Guys who have been told too many times that they look like Ben Stiller: 1
*Balding guys who need to consider new hairstyles which would improve their appearance greatly: 2
*Velvet Blazers: 1
*Betty Page Blazers: 1
*Musicians that looked like mimes: 1
*Clockwork Orange clothing homages: 2
*Amount of screaming for a scrawny white guy taking off clothing layers: inappropriately loud
*Guys standing near us with funky bo: probably 1, but damn was he stinky
*Musicians who kept pushing their hair back until they realized that their receding hairline was showing so they pushed it forward again: 1
*Number of times he did it: over 5
*Number of miles traveled by Razorlight lead singer during set: over 3, including one lap around the entire venue while singing
*Number of musicians who look like 12-year old Iowa farmboys: 1
*Very charismatic drummers: 1
*Black and blue or black and pink striped tights and/or shirts: numerous
*Goth girls: tons
*Wanna-be goth girls: even more
*Legwarmers: 1 pair
*Number of Rocky Horror Picture Show cover songs: 1
*Boys inexplicably reading while standing in the middle of the floor during set changes: 1
*People I recognized from Saturday: 3, not counting stage crew but including reading boy
*Cute boys in Buddy Holly glasses: 1
*Number of Coin-operated Boys: sadly, none


Jen said...

You are SO funny! I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh (except the ones that are intentionally not funny) everytime. Oh yeah, and I'm a little jealous...sounds like you're having a blast.

Mel said...

You nailed it! I am laughing so hard right now! Everything you say is true. Although you forgot to mention the number of bands that had to play early in the evening because they had to be out of the bar before midnight due to their youth-ness. Saturday - 2, Tuesday - 1. BTW - Adam Panic is just as cute as he is talented, (and young).