Thursday, January 27, 2005


I'm not sure if it's the rain or the unemployment is finally sinking in, but I felt very meh today. Not tired enough to take a nap but too tired to do much productive.

I did make it to the mini SnB at Mama Java's. Very blogger-centric. Becky, Letoya, Kirsten, Shannon, Brooke, Alison and Illana. And the other Becky and Michelle who do not have blogs but are feeling the pressure. And I'm too meh to link everyone, just look on the frickin' sidebar.

Lucy just went outside for the first time since yesterday evening. I don't know what she's going to do if we move back east when it rains for days on end. I'm thinking I may have to insert a Foley or her bladder might explode.

Made some progress on my Mom's christmas socks. The colors are more boring then I anticipated. And the F-hook and sock yarn are cramping my hand up. But I have the toe of one and about half of the other done. Of course, there is no way I'll finish them before they leave for their month in Florida next week. Ok, maybe I'll finish, but the mail won't deliver them in time.

I'm putting off the monkey clothes for some inexplicable reason. Possibly because I hate to sew. If I had a machine I might do better, but I really have very little interest in sewing, so that would be a rather dumb purchase.

And would you believe I've managed to buy the wrong printer cartridge TWICE. Once I can understand, but TWICE. I'd blame the meh and the rain, but I did this Monday and Tuesday so it's just me being dippy.

I've been invited to a party this weekend, because my friend believes I would "really, really like" her new friend Kara. Apparently, we are both smart so, of course, we'll hit it off instantly. I'm currently formulating an excuse for my absence. I'm really not in the mood to meet new people right now.

Ok, enough meh. I'm going to bed.

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Creative Genius? said...

Oh come on - don't sew the monkey clothing... CROCHET them!!! That's my vote (as if you need more stuff to do)!!!!