Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday Observations

As I wait for Melanie to appear on my door step prior to a day of yarn shopping, my mind wanders. And I realize a few truths.

1. When I shop with my sister I tend to buy things that I normally wouldn't. Like the Rock Star underwear currently cladding my bum. To the best of my knowledge, this are the only pair I have with writing on them which is fine because Lucy can't read and she's the only one who sees my undies.

2. Applying moisturizer to your face within 20 seconds of exiting the shower is darn near impossible, no matter what that dude in the Yes fashion section of the Republic may say. The first 20 seconds are spent toweling off so as to not drip all over the floor, duh.

3. My magazine subscriptions must confuse the mail-person. Bitch, Bust, Ms and...Entertainment Weekly. I should just start getting Dog Fancy and complete the insanity.

4. Lucy is still sticking close, going so far as to nap on the couch in the computer room. If you look closely, you can see the latest issue of Ms being crumpled by pointy doggy elbows.

5. Lucy does not care to have her sleep disturbed.

6. And she is very curious.

I wonder if I am in an accident while wearing the rock star undies, will I get special treatment from the paramedics because they truly believe I am a rock star? Or will they just assume I'm on drugs?

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Becky said...

Lucy is so darn cute. Yep, those needles on my site are huge. I didn't check the post until just a few minutes ago. I just published and went about my merry way! They are about 3 times as big as they normally are but I think I will keep the picture that size. I think that to you magazine collection you should add a tattoo mag, a better homes and gardens and a few knitting magazines. Oh and Martha Stewart living. Totally confuse the mail people!