Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stupid Brain

Last night, after I mentioned Rod Stewart, I got one of his songs stuck in my head. I don't even like him, so I'm not sure of the title but I think it's "Forever Young". This did not make me happy.

Then tonight another song replaced it. The Offspring "I Want You Bad". This is much better because it's one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs. Why guilty pleasure, you may ask. *whisper* Because The Offspring aren't really true punk.*Resume normal voice*. Liking them goes directly against every punk ethic I've ever subscribed to. But then again, I was never that good a punk. But I did have blue hair!

So as I sit here typing,
"I want you
All tattooed.
I want you bad.
Mistreat me.
I want you bad, bad, bad, bad, bad."
is running on an endless loop thru my stupid, stupid brain and I'm enjoying every minute of it.


Jack said...

Sometimes to make Joe mad I'll say the following:

"Put on Avril Lavigne. I like her because I like punk."

He gets so angry and of course will not play her music.

And just to let you know, Offspring is considered Skate-Punk according to Rhapsody Music. I'm not sure what type of category that is, but it seemed an important clarification.

illanna said...


1) Offspring is the best
2) Blue hair is the best

I love it that you had blue hair! I had purple hair for a while and it wasn't by accident. Remember Manic Panic? Anyway, I'll see you this weekend!