Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Come on over baby...

Whole lotta pooping goin' on. Mostly on Lucy's part. A full container of Snausages can really fill a dog up right. And make her drink numerous bowls of water. And make her go out more in one night then she has in the past week. Luckily, all deposits were made outside and not on the carpet.

Note to self: Clean up back yard as soon as it stops raining.

I joined "I Heart Wool", mostly because I loved the little Sheepy guy and had to have him on my sidebar. And I heart wool as well, so it all works out.

The hair has been cut, about two inches off. Last night it looked superb. Today it look like I had styled it myself (i.e. ends everywhere ala egg beater). But I had to wash my hair this morning, I did, I did. There was hair goop in it and it felt sticky and I couldn't deal with it. No hair goop for me. Hmm, have I found the missing link between last night's good hair and today's bird nest. Nah.

Met Melanie and Sarah last night at Cupz. We first met accidentally in the place next door (Tacone? don't quote me) but after a very tasty meal (sweet potato fries!) we adjourned to the coffee house. Again it was not very busy. I like the place, I hope business picks up.

Sarah worked on her Clapotis. She started it on, like, Sunday and is almost done. Speedy Gonzales of the knitting world.

Melanie worked on the felted bunny slippers. They now have faces and cuffs.

I worked on the SWTC tank. I did about 5 inches on one front panel and realized I had made a dumb, obvious mistake, frogged back 4.5 inches and started again. I think I finished 6 inches total before we left.

And when I got home, every time my foot came down hard on the tile floor, I could hear my innards sloshing. Seriously. "Whomp" "Slosh, Slosh, Gurgle". I think I had too many beverages.

Tonight, hopefully I will finish one front panel of the tank and start on the second. Unless of course I get distracted by something shiny.

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illanna said...

Mmmmmm... sweet potato fries.... (think homer simpson). Do you ever put honey on them? They are really good that way. Last night Alton Brown had a whole show on sweet potatoes on the food network. Where did you get your hair cut? I need one bad