Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Notes on a Tuesday

It was a crochet heavy day with many errands to run.

Paid rent.

Went to the post office to pick up a certified letter that had been languishing there since Friday. I knew it was my COBRA stuff so I wasn't too desperate to get it. And the mail carrier tends to leave me notices that something is waiting for me at the post office and I go to pick it up and they spend 30 minutes looking for it and I give up and go home and discover that they delivered it to the leasing office. So I was trying to avoid that.

Transferred money around so I can afford to eat and be housed and things like that.

Met with Becky, Shannon, Brooke, Jack, Martha and (briefly) Melanie at Lux this afternoon. I made some more progress on the socks, turned the heel on both and started the top part. Started a hat, frogged it and started again.

Grocery shopping. I realized that I haven't been eating actual meals since I've been home so much. This led to a rather strange food order.

Read some more of the book club book, The Time Traveler's Wife. I love this book so much it's a little scary. I want to marry Henry and I don't care if he keeps disappearing.

Met Jen and her little sister at Wildflower for dinner. The roasted sweet potato sandwich is quite tasty even though it sounds really weird. And I drank too much diet coke with dinner, which is why I am still awake and typing.

Met with the SnBers at Changing Hands. The room was full, very, very full. But oddly enough - only one newbie knitter to be taught. And she was a friend of Kim's. There are some gorgeous projects floating around. We need to have a show and tell meeting I think, just so everyone gets to brag a little.

I don't think anyone took any pictures. I know I have developed some type of mental block about bringing my camera.

Got a bit more done on the socks. Since I am now at a point where I have to keep trying them on to make sure they fit, the socks are now a house project. I sure the coffee houses we meet in are glad I don't keep taking my shoe off in the middle of the place. More progress on the hat. Stripes again. The crown is done and I'm starting the sides. Who knows if it will end up being something I will actually wear.

Came home, fed the dog (Should have been done before I left. She was rather grumpy with me), got on the computer. And then it was now.

Notice what wasn't mentioned today? Correct, job hunting. I needed a break but unfortunately no choir of angels appears bearing will them the perfect job on a golden platter, so tomorrow I start looking again.

And I got conformation about a personality quirk of mine. I consider myself to be a funny person. I like to laugh, I like to make other people laugh, I try to make this blog a humorous place. But people's first impressions of me suck. I'm so painfully shy I end up looking like a rude, grumpy sourpuss. I am horrible at small talk. I sit with my nose in my project or a book and people think I'm snobby. After they get to know me a little, I think most people enjoy my company, but getting past that first hump can be a social nightmare.

That's also why I'm concerned about this blog. It's so much easier for me to write things down. I can be funny and witty and clever and ... me. But then I meet someone who's read this and can't quite believe that I'm the same person since I don't talk. In person, the "me-ness" takes longer to show up.

And now I can't think of any smooth way to end this post. So much for "clever" hmm? Good night.


Kirsten said...

Pam, I so get what you are saying about first impressions. I am exactly the same way. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable in social situations (I am still not comfortable at choir and I've been doing it for 3 years now!). And if you look at my blog I just spilled my guts on it for the Secret Pal stuff and you all probably learned more about me from that than I've ever shared in person. Maybe we should have a shy persons SnB meeting - that would get us talking! (Although you and I did pretty good a few months ago when you helped me with some crochet ??s.)

And 'Drop Dead Fred' is one of my favorite movies too!
Good luck job hunting - if I can do anything for you let me know. What areas are you looking in? Take care, Kirsten

Jack said...

Pam -

I am often accused of being a bitch, which clearly I am not. (Right, everyone?)

I think first impressions are tough. If it means anything, I never thought you were snobby or mean, but I sure as hell didn't know how freakishly funny you are.

It was fun knitting yesterday. Thanks for holding Jack so now I can dispel the myth that I won't let ANYONE hold him EVER.

And Drop Dead Fred is a brilliant movie. It made me want an imaginary friend.

Anonymous said...

Having met you exactly twice in person now, I think I'm qualified to talk about first impressions. I wouldn't say you came across as snobbish at all, but I might use words like shy and quiet. Even on first meeting, there were at least a couple of small clues to your more radical side (like the Bust magazine you had with you) but in general I do feel like I've gotten to know you a lot better from this site.

I suspect you are in general one of those people that others like well enough at first, but then like better and better as they get to know you better, and I think that's a very good way to be (as opposed to those who, the better you know them the less you want to).