Saturday, March 19, 2005

Everything's going backwards

1. I had to rip out the SWTC sweater again. I was getting a major increase on one side and a minor decrease on the other side. It's supposed to be square.

2.Mom's socks are still in ball form in the bottom of my bag. They're making menacing little glances and growling softly, so I'm afraid to pick them up.

3. I started a crochet knock-off Clapotis with the pink and green Cotton Twist. What is happening is pretty nice, but I think I'm going to rip it out and try again since it's not exactly Clap-y. If I can't get the Clap, I'll revert back to whatever the hell I'm currently doing.

I did finish a book.
17. The Best Awful - Carrie Fisher.
Yes, Princess Leia writes books. And I really like her first one, less on the second, even less on the third and even more lesser on this one. Same characters, same issues. I'm not sure if it's Carrie or me. My life has come to resemble her books more than it did when she wrote her first and it's possible I just don't like reading things that are both familiar and disturbing.

Today - nothing else is getting done until I finish the book club book for tomorrow. I thought I had another week, because...why wouldn't a book club meet on Easter Sunday. It's not like anyone has anything else to do that day.

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