Thursday, March 17, 2005

Smells like orange butts*

Busy day yesterday.

First: I had to sleep in really late. It was mandatory, really. (1)

Next: To the dentist with you! 3 fillings, no novocain. Yeah, I'm bad.(2)

Then: To the SWTC yarn sale. I was very restrained. (3)

And then: Home to accomplish all those little things that need to be done. (4)

Finally: To Mama Java's where I got nothing accomplished. (5)

And: back to home and sweet, sweet sleep.

* The phrase "Jasmine tea smells like orange buds" is remarkably easy to misinterpret.

(1) I didn't sleep well the night before. Like, "not more then 3 hours" not well. Since I can sleep in, I do. I am a firm believer that you CAN catch up on sleep.

(2) They were very small and shallow, more like pre-cavities. I have crap teeth, thanks Mom.

(3) This is actually true. I spent $20 which I had already justified to myself earlier in the week. I could have easily spent 4 times that amount.

(4) These things include watching tv, IM'ing former workmates, getting the mail and bolting down dinner 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave.

(5) Actually, I finished another chemo cap for Desert Sam and helped fight breast cancer.

Image hosted by

The third chemo cap (Lion Brand Colorwave, some pink color and Confetti Fun Fur, Q hook)
Teal chenille (hey, I'm a poet and I didn't acknowledge the fact.)
2 skeins Rose Soy Silk (I think, no label)
2 balls Rose Beyond cotton.

and also

Image hosted by

Visit Eva or Brooke for more details about the 3-Day Walk since they are getting a knitting group together for it. And then donate some money! Eva's selling these nifty bracelets, but they are going fast! Donate now! As soon as I get a job I'm going to give more! Don't you want to be like me?!?

And a note about the yarn - I now have 3 skeins of rose chenille plus the rose stuff above. I think that's enough for some sort of kick-ass sweater. Which I just have to design and find the time to make. No problem. And the teal complements the chenille I bought at the holiday party, so there should be something in the works for them as well.

Is anyone else picking up on the cancer motif this post? Actually that's a entry for another day.

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Eva said...

Thanks for buying a bracelet, and thanks for the plug!

I'm jonesin' over the yarn you have... mmmm... love the teal and the rose...mmmm