Saturday, March 05, 2005


Here's how I spent my Saturday:

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No, I'm not in that monkey pile, I was on the sidelines. Rugby, baby. The tough guy sport - blood and broken bones and cursing. And shirtless men (my favorite kind).

Kim was kind enough to invite us to a rugby/knitting session. Her husband is on the team in red. I have no idea if they won either game, but neither did anyone around me. Keeping score is not really the point I guess.

So, Melanie and Mariah, Kim and Gemma and Angus, and the other Pam watched the game and knit away. I crocheted, just to stand out.

So now I am sunburned and windblown and very tired for some reason. Watching other people engage in physical active can exhaust you.

My project du jour: A hat made of Lion Brand Magic Strips. I haven't felt like picking up any of the other projects because they are all at the "figure out the pattern" stage and I'm designing the hat as I go alone so it's low-pressure. Random row height, 4 rectangles, eventually they will be sewn together to make one of those hats with corners. Which I will probably never wear, but that's not really the point (just like a rugby score.)

(Didja see how I tied that all together there...pure instinct. Either you have it or you don't) (Or, possibly, I sat out in the sun too long today which is making me think that anyone would give two hoots about literary technique in a yarn blog.)

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Mel said...

Do you know that the 'callback' to an earlier comment is one of the most popular techniques used by Stand-up Comics? It's sheer genius and it's one of the things that makes your blog so great. Keep up the literary finesse!