Saturday, April 16, 2005

Other stuff, continued

Baby shower, completed and with no actual bloodshed. So that's good. The bathwrap seemed to be appreciated and it was the only handmade thing that was given, so that's also good. And then there was the drama over the baby-to-be's middle name and the grandmother-to-be giving the cold shoulder to her daughter, the mom-to-be, because the name isn't what she thinks it should be. And the other grandmother-to-be is a complete fruitcake, so that was pretty amusing. So, all in all, I deem it a success and give it a 4 'so' rating.

More books.
25. Hardball for Women - Pat Heim. All about how women are different than men in the workplace and why. It has some good suggestions about how to handle different situations and I now have a better understanding of why the jerkwads I used to work with didn't ever seem to understand what I was suggesting. It's because I forgot to use any analogies involving goal lines or balls. And because they're jerkwads. If you work with guys, it's probably worth a read.

26. At Knit's End - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The Harlot is fricking hysterical and that about sums it up. Everyone in the Phoenix area should go buy it so we can try to convince her to come down here to hold a reading. Go. Now. Changing Hands has it, or will be happy to order it for you.

My next crochet project - Christmas socks for Dad. Hopefully this pair will actually be finished before his birthday, because that's in October. About 1/16 of one cuff is complete.

And, of course, the SWTC sweater which is still sending out evil vibes. I'll try to force myself to pick it up again tomorrow.

And finally, a true story. Back in PA, my Mom has a hibiscus plant. This thing has been moved and trimmed and fed and coddled and moved again, but it's always just not quite ready to bloom. This has been going on for years.

So, what did I find when I moved into this apartment. A huge hibiscus in the back yard. I do nothing to it, Lucy pees near it, it doesn't get any water and has sun 25 hours a day. It's been blooming like crazy.

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This has lead me to my latest theory: Plants have a well developed sense of humor.

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Kirsten said...

My Mom and I have orchids like your Mom's hibiscus. Although I don't coddle mine (my Mom does however, coddle hers...). I really should give them some fertilizer......glad your bath wrap was a success.