Saturday, April 09, 2005

Slow and Steady

Yes, I'm comparing myself to a turtle.

Progress on Mom's socks is steady, but slow. Almost to the toe decreases on one. The other has the entire foot to go. And both need heels. Any guesses as to if I'll finish them before her birthday (Sunday)? No? What's that? You say you're not a bunch of suckers? And you realize that these are the Christmas socks that just got pushed back an event because my procrastination skills are unsurpassed? Alrighty then.

The SWTC sweater has not been touched for a REALLY long time. The repeated froggings have created in me a reaction stronger than any type of aversion therapy. Soon though, very soon, I will pick it up and this time I will persevere. And the sad part is, I still don't know if it's pattern or me that is the issue.

Started the bathrobe that will use up the bright, bright cotton yarn. Not like I have a pattern picked out, or designed, or vaguely thought about. I just started making some freeform "stuff" that will eventually be incorporated into the final product. I was thinking the entire thing could maybe be freeform, but its turning out to have a lot of holes...I live alone, but still, I don't need any of my bits peeking out. So the strategic areas will probably be a tighter type of stitch.

Tonight was Pita Jungle and Coffee Rush and Melanie and Sarah and Heather and Crystal (a new recruit to the fiber cult). Tomorrow is rugby and knitting and shirtless guys and little dogs and sunburn. Can't wait.

The remainder of the evening? I'm thinking sleep.

Question: Why doesn't Blogger spell check recognize the word 'pita'. Has 'pita' not yet made it into the general vernacular? Then again, it also doesn't reconize the word 'Blogger', which makes me think the system has very low self-esteem.

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