Saturday, April 09, 2005

Once again - Rugby

Another Saturday, another rugby game...

But more fun than that sounded like, really.

As the boys beat the crap out of each other*
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The knitters stuck to the sidelines**
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Wouldn't want to get blood on the yarn, would we now.

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was once again smitten with Myriah.****
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And when I got back home, I had proof in my mailbox that Mommy and Daddy Love Me^
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Of course, when you take into account what the dog got all bets are off^^
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The size discrepancy alone could be fodder for a dozen therapy appointments...

More progress was made on the socks. They have almost reached the stage of 'summer socks', both toe-less and heel-less for those high temperature days^^^.
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A good time was had by all. Except maybe that guy who lost a tooth...


* Action shot! Notice the ball actually in the air. How talented I am, the way I can predict how the action will go...*****

** Melanie is behind Gemma. Honest.

*** It was quite windy.

**** Myriah was not as enamored with Gemma

***** You should see the 18 other shots I had, taken immediately after something noteworthy had happened.

^ This was really never in doubt, but come on, SOCK MONKEY, how much does that rock!

^^ Actually, Lucy is the only Granddog in the family, so she does tend to rake it in.

^^^ Do you think I can get this term patented? It's a novel idea wouldn't you say? New and original? And then I can make millions...


Jewels said...

omg that little sock monkey is so cute! You must show us a pic with Lucy and her fuzzy octopus toy!!

Mel said...

Did someone really lose a tooth? Where was I?

That Sock Monkey is one of the gol-dang cutest things I've ever seen. Now you will have to make another full-size 'mama' monkey.

Pam said...

No one actually lost a tooth. I just couldn't think of a sufficently violent way to end the post.

Jennifa said...

Love the little sock monkey! My parents' shih tzu has that same octopus. She completely <3 that toy.