Saturday, May 28, 2005

Busy Day

Saturday's seem to end up in list form a lot, don't they.

1. Jack's baptism. Lots of knitters, lots of bloggers, lots of relatives (not mine). Got to meet Parley and Jeff and Ned and Jake, finally.

2. Driving by the old house. Somebody tagged the fence. Glad I moved.

3. Lunch. Mmmm, hollandaise sauce. Arteries clogging as we speak.

4. Couch shopping. Which is fun because you get to sit down a lot.

5. CraftMart. Yarn procured to complete tank top. Which means I have to finish designing it. And more sock yarn which wasn't actually green, but instead black. CraftMart lighting sucks.

6. Lease renewal. The leasing agent believes in me and has no doubt I'm going to find a job quickly. I'll take my validation where ever I can find it.

7. Package retrieval. Can now wear fluffy mom-made flip-flops, listen to Rise Against and read about the OED. Good mail day.

8. Home for 30 seconds (ok, 60 minutes or so). Clothes change. Haven't been in a dress that long since I got canned in January.

9. Mind over Spatter with Melanie, Anna and Forrest. Pottery painting of fishes and crabs and stars and skulls. You know, the usual. Pictures to be posted upon retrieval. Remember to Save the Forrest.

10. Night falls. Couch beckons.

11. Blog.

12. Crochet and NetFlix. Perfect together.

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