Monday, May 30, 2005

The Venue of the Dolls

Another day, another Dresden Dolls concert. But this one I had to pay for.

At the Marquee with '...and You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead' and International Noise Conspiracy.

From the beginning. International Noise Conspiracy. 5 guys from Sweden in matching jackets. Fairly typical of the stuff that's coming out of Europe these days, rehashing of the Stones, etc. But, damn, did these guys have energy. There was bouncing and water spit fountains and microphone tossing and standing on speakers and synchronized leaping song finales. Very enjoyable, but I had to wonder how often the lead had bonked himself in the head with the mic before he perfected the "throw-it-out-and-yank-it-back-by-the-cord" technique.

The Trailing Dead guys didn't do a whole lot for me. For one, there was at least 6 people in the band and a dozen roadies which made for a very chaotic stage. And at the end there was mass instrument destruction; I've never gotten that. These guys were spending too much time trying to figure out what would be cool and not enough time, you know, writing songs and practicing. Even the fact that they had two (TWO!) drummers couldn't save them.

The Dolls completely rocked. Their stage presence is incredible, they are completely in tune with each other and they know how to put on a SHOW. Punk rock cabaret at its finest. And it doesn't hurt that Brian, the drummer, is remarkably talented AND took his shirt off part way thru the set. Drumming = nice arms and torso. I may have had a bit of a hot flash mid-show.

The Dolls may be coming back in December. I'll be there. Anyone want to come with?

Other notes.
Many more crinolines, spike heels, corsets, garter belts and neckties than you see at your usual punk rock show. Still a lot of stripes and girls with black hair in bangs and a bun with dark framed glasses.

One tomato red suit topped with Ronald MacDonald red hair.

The tall girl whose micro-mini I accidentally looked up at the last Dolls show was there. Luckily she was wearing a much longer skirt.

One orca and one chicken backpack.

And a preponderance of exposed hipbones.

Two dancers that made Elaine Benis look like she had rhythm.

One girl falling over and staying down for a bit.

The last two points lead me to: much more suspected substance abuse than I've seen in a while.

One guy who looked like Tyler Hanson, all growed up.

Note: Low-rise pants are not flattering on ANYone.

Note #2: Hot pants are not flattering on many.

The Marquee is a theater that has taken out all its seats. Which means the floor sloped towards the stage and led to toes squished in the shoes.

I haven't been frisked that throughly since Green Day at the Troc in 1994.

My day, prior to the show, consisted of dogged work on the tank top because I got a bug up my ass that I was going to wear it to the show. And I did. My first crocheted garment made just for me.

And Melanie dropped by Kim's and spent some quality time with Angus and Gemma and Roger, Clark and Murphy. Oh, and Kim, Jonny, Dilly and the rest of the guys too.

To sum up - 3 bands, 4 drummers. One good band, one great band and one "meh" band. Superb people watching. Sore feet. New tank top. Good night.

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Eva said...

Pictures! We want pictures of the tank top. Well, I do at least. :)