Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Doing better now

Lucy's basically back to normal, 4-legged and begging for food. The Rimadyl works well for her. Also, I think she's just programmed into the mode where if her leg hurts at all, she doesn't use it, even if it's just a little sore. And she also likes the attention, because she's a bit of a bimbo that way.

My hands are doing better. Only one finger is still healing, but of course it's the middle one. I'm keeping it neosporined and band-aided up, because the scrape won't scab over and the burn decided to slough off a bunch of un-needed skin this morning. Raw flesh, how attractive.

Sorry if I just grossed anyone out.

Crochet-wise: The citrus socks both have heels, so the difficult part should be over. Now I just make the ankles and legs until I run out of yarn.

I got a impetus to finish up that stupid sock monkey that has been sitting on my couch, naked, staring at me, for WAY too long. The recipient's birthday is in a few weeks and that's as good an excuse as any to finally finish the thing and get it the hell out of my house so it can stare at someone else. With clothes on, because you just don't want to be sending a naked monkey thru the mail with Homeland Security being what it is these days.


Mel said...

Please give that Monkey some clothes! Better safe than sorry when travelling (even if through USPS). I think the Chimpendale look will be great... Maybe a just a pirate shirt and those sexy boots!

Ashley said...

I was going to say something about seeing you on CNN every half-hour as the depraved naked monkey sender, but I really like Mel's idea about the pirate shirt. I'm thinking the puffy shirt from Seinfeld...